Jivanas is a brand with purpose. Handmade by artisans in our workshop in Nepal, every purchase supports the creation of ethical jobs and 100% natural and biodegradable footwear.

From the foothills of the Himalayas to you, our products are always thoughtfully made in harmony with people and the environment.

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Sustainability for the Planet

Fashion brands today continue to find ways to make cheaper materials at lower prices, leaving the brunt of the cost on the environment.

The fashion industry is the second largest source of pollution after the oil industry and footwear is especially problematic. Chromium-tanned leather and petroleum-based plastics that never biodegrade are status quo. These materials poison workers and pollute our beaches, rivers, and drinking water.

Natural materials do exist; they need to be used.

Jivanas footwear is crafted entirely from 100% all-natural materials. We use only Italian vegetable leather, an ancient material made with tree bark, leaves, and fruit. Our leather is soft, breathable, and incredibly durable. As it ages, the color and patina will become richer, and with proper care will last for many years.

The adhesives, dyes, and conditioners in our footwear are made from organic, plant-based materials. Our process is more intricate and time-consuming, but it allows us to offer a completely biodegradable product.

Walk with us to leave a greener footprint.


People Over Profit

In Nepal, Jivana means “life”. The birthplace of Buddha and the home of Mt. Everest, Nepal is one of the most naturally spectacular and culturally rich places in the world. Sadly, poverty and unemployment are widespread.

Every day, Nepali citizens search for employment. Many promised opportunities turn into exploitation: some are enslaved in their own country, others find themselves trapped abroad with stolen passports, no rights, and no way of escape.

Creating jobs in Nepal breaks the cycle of poverty and prevents exploitation.

Unlike most fashion companies, we own and operate our workshop. This enables us to ensure safe working conditions, while providing above fair wages and healthcare. We also personally visit with each of our suppliers to guarantee that everyone in our value chain is treated ethically.

Your support helps employ artisans, giving them dignity and hope. Join us in making a difference.


From the Beaches of California to the Mountaintops of Nepal

For us, it all began in 2016, while visiting an orphanage in Mumbai that focused on rescuing young girls from the red-light district. It was there that we met a Nepali girl not much older than our 12-year-old daughter.

We later traveled to Nepal where we discovered the beauty of the landscape and culture, but also the heartache of widespread poverty and unemployment.

Compelled to take action, we decided to do something radical. Bringing with us our experience in private equity, corporate business, and finance, the family boarded a plane and moved to Nepal. Starting with only a rice paddy, we began the seemingly impossible task of making a difference.

Creating jobs is just one part of the equation. Natural materials exist and using products that are harmful to the environment is never a solution. We believe that protecting the planet is just as important as promoting the people that live on it.

With love, sweat, and tears, Jivanas was created—a brand that exists with the purpose of making a difference. Alone we can’t save Nepal or the earth. But together we can all be part of a larger story, one that promotes people and protects the planet.