Leather Care

General Information


Jivanas footwear is made from high-quality vegetable-tanned leathers. Vegetable-tanned leather is a beautiful, durable material that will become richer over time. Through normal use and exposure to sunlight, the leather will darken in color, and will develop a unique patina.


Particularly with vegetable-tanned leather, care should be taken to avoid exposure to wet environments and extreme heat. If your footwear becomes saturated, allow it to dry naturally to prevent the leather from stiffening and shrinking. Once dry, applying leather conditioner will restore the protective coating.


Our footwear comes from our workshop conditioned with Jivanas Leather Butter™, our proprietary blend of all natural waxes and oils. Regular conditioning will rejuvenate the leather and restore its luster. We recommend following our conditioning ritual every few months to keep your footwear flexible and resilient.


Conditioning Ritual


Conditioning leather enhances the natural patina and makes the color richer and darker, in addition to replacing essential oils and waxes that protect the footwear. Vegetable-tanned leather should only be treated with natural products.


Using a soft cloth or brush, remove any surface dust or dirt. Next, apply the conditioner using a soft, lint-free cloth or your fingers. Work the conditioner into the leather using a gentle circular motion. Finish by wiping away excess conditioner using a clean cloth and buff as desired.